by Tina Matzat

‘Amazing, heartbreaking and very powerful.’
573 Short Film Festival, USA

The short film is about a dangerous form of manipulation. Gaslighting means one person overpowers another by manipulating their perception – through unsettling lies, flustering projection and constant guilt-shaming. Such mental and emotional abuse keeps the victim confused and conditioned on the gaslighter. At the end the protagonist emancipates in a surprising way.


UK England April 24, 2023
London International Film Festival
∴ Honorable Mention

UK England February 25, 2023
Film Buzz Festival London @ Tt Cinema Shoreditch
∴ Official Selection

Portugal January 15, 2023
World Cine Fest Porto
∴ Award for Best German Short Film

UK England December 29, 2022
London Movie Awards @ Close Up Shoreditch
Honorable Mention

UK England December 04, 2022
LAHFF London Arthouse Film Festival @ BBC Club
Official Selection

UK England November 23, 2022
Ealing Film Festival London @ The Ealing Project
Official Selection

UK England July 22-24, 2022
Brighton Rocks International Film Festival
Official Selection

UK England March 22, 2022
Screener Short Films Hackney London
∴ Honorable Mention

UK England December 31, 2021
Screen Power Film Festival London
∴ Nominated for Best Narrative Short Film

NETHERLANDS November 22-30, 2021
GEWELD(ad)IG Filmfestival Rotterdam
∴ Official Selection

UK England December 1, 2020
L.I.M.P.A. International Motion Picture Awards London

USA March 3, 2020
The 49% Film Festival
Official Selection

NETHERLANDS October 5, 2019
9th MoziMotion iPhone Film Festival Hilversum
Official Selection

UKRAINE October 5, 2019
Cinemaway (Кіномаршрут) Festival Kiev
Official Selection

NETHERLANDS May 27, 2019
Cacique Independent Film Screenings and Gala Amsterdam
∴ Screening Night

USA April 4-6, 2019
St. Francis College Women’s Film Festival Brooklyn, NYC
∴ Official Selection

USA April 6, 2019
The Utah Film Awards Provo, Utah
∴ Semi-Finalist Top 10%

EGYPT March 29, 2019
Bolera Film Screenings Cairo
∴ Screening Night

UK England March 13, 2019
Wimbledon Library Film Club London
∴ Screening by Fabulosis Films

GERMANY February 8, 2019
Boddinale 2019 Berlin
∴ Official Selection

RUSSIA January 26, 2019
Eurasia International Film Festival Moscow
∴ Award for Best Actress (Lara Marian)

CANADA December 15, 2018
Canada Shorts International Film Fest Vancouver, British Columbia
∴ Award for Best International Short Film

SWITZERLAND December 7, 2018
SIFF Switzerland International Film Festival Aubonne
∴ Official Selection

ITALY December 4, 2018
Meglio matti che corti (Better crazy than short) Modena
∴ Official Selection

GERMANY November 6, 2018
Screening Night

USA September 7, 2018
Cinema Soup Film Festival Dekalb, Illinois
∴ Nominated for Best Actress (Lara Marian)

NIGERIA August 29, 2018
MOPIFF Motion Pictures Film Festival Lagos
∴ Official Selection

GERMANY August 13, 2018
The Short Nights of Berlin Kino Central
Screening Night

CANADA July 29, 2018
YES! Let’s make a movie Montréal, Québec
∴ Award for Best Short Film

UK England July 15, 2018
Drunken Film Fest Bradford
∴ Official Selection (Script)

GREECE June 20, 2018
Santorini Film Festival Kamari
∴ Award for Best Director

UK Scotland April 30, 2018
Feel The Reel International Film Festival Glasgow
∴ Award ‘3rd Best of the Fest’
∴ Award for Best Actress (Lara Marian)

CANADA April 30, 2018
Horror Underground Film & Screenplay Festival Montréal, Québec
∴ Finalist (Script)

ITALY April 08, 2018
Roma Cinema DOC Rome
∴ Official Selection

USA April 06, 2018
Kill Jim Fest San Rafael, California
∴ Award for Best Short

USA March 22, 2018
573 Short Film Festival Cap
e Girardeau, Missouri
∴ Award for Best Drama
∴ Award for Best Performance (Lara Marian)

CANADA March 15, 2018
AltFF Alternative Film Festival Toronto, Ontario

∴ Finalist

UK England March 9, 2018
NIM International Microfilm Festival Nottingham
∴ Award for Best Actress (Lara Marian)
∴ Nominated for Best

NORWAY February 16, 2018
The Norwegian International Seagull Shortfilm Festival Oslo
∴ Official Selection

USA February 06, 2018
Motion for Pictures Cary, North Carolina
∴ Semi-Finalist

PHILIPPINES January 19, 2018
iChill Film Fest Manila
∴ Official Selection